Just like you want to think about your ideal life, week or day you will want to consider your relationships with your clients. We all know we can’t please everyone but when you know the kind of relationship you want to foster with your customers, you’ll be able to tell when or when not to move forward with a service or an order.


What would your relationships with your clients and/or customers look and feel like in an ideal world?

Reflections, Thoughts, Feelings

In an ideal world, my clients and customers recognize my unfiltered yet diplomatic ways of communication. One of my pet peeves is people saying they’ll do something but don’t do it and my clients come to me because they are tired of saying they’ll do something but then keep putting it off.

I want my client relationships to be filled with honesty and no judgment and my clients know I can and will hold space for them because when you’re addressing your excuses of why you’re not doing something, other difficult emotions come up as well as unpleasant memories.

I want my clients to know that even though I have a background as a mental health counselor, I will always refer out when the work is deeper than what I offer as a coach and consultant. I left counseling behind because I want to be an architect of the future and not an archeologist digging in the past. And in this space I want my clients to know that I will always refer out when needed.

Client and customer relationships are built on trust, open communication, and mutual respect. But I also want my clients to know I am about to be as real as it’s going to get, I call bullshit when I see it and will challenge them as needed to get outside of their comfort zone.

Results require you to work through the resistance and I need my clients to be willing to do the work.

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