Do you think about your money goals and it feels odd and weird? I think it’s normal because I don’t know that we are taught to set goals, let alone money goals. And yet I believe goals are important because they help you reach a specific outcome or achievement.

You can set goals at any moment – no need to wait until December or January and you can start by reflecting on your past year and thinking about where you would like to focus your energy around goals moving forward.

Today’s Prompt:

Write down three money goals:
a. The amount you’d feel “okay” making each month
b. A slightly higher goal that feels like a stretch, but also exciting
c. Your large, audacious income goal (aka the number that would completely transform your life)

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

It took me a long time to feel okay with having money goals. All my life I heard the messages about being rich is a bad thing, that you should be thankful for what you have (that’s not wrong), and that you shouldn’t want more. And I am wondering why?

Why should I not want more? I mean sure, perhaps it has something to do with growing up in the system and wanting to be and do better for my family than I had. I have been doing a lot of mindset work around feeling worthy and deserving and that means charging for products and services accordingly.

My current money goals are:

  • $3,000 month – this would cover everything and a little extra
  • $5,000 is my slightly larger stretchy goal
  • $10,000 is that number that scares me a little but would totally change my life and a few others along the way.

I am pretty close to reaching my money goal which will cover all of my living expenses. I like giving my money some purpose and there are a few such as moving into a new house, purchasing a new car, and paying off some debt.

I don’t need much to survive but I want more than just that.

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