Writing about your ideal day can be quite powerful when you’re actively working on goals to have the life that you want. It’s one of my favorite activities, when I go through my own goal-setting process.

Today’s Prompt:

Write out your ideal day in the present tense. You can write it as if it’s already happening and express gratitude for it, or you could write it similar to what I have done below! Here’s an example: “I am so happy and grateful for [my 4-bedroom house in the city/the $50k in my savings account/my designer wardrobe that makes me feel polished & put together]…”

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

I wake up and my partner brings me coffee in bed and we get to spend a few minutes together before he is out the door. I journal and check in with my community while drinking a few more cups of coffee.

I work out for 30-minutes to an hour, get showered, and get on with my day! My workout is either on the indoor bike or a walk/run on the trails.

This is where no day is the same, sometimes I create content for my blogs, podcasts, or offerings and schedule things accordingly. Sometimes I spend the day creating art while listening to music or watching a show I am binging on. I also help and support my clients throughout the day and since I only offer Voxer coaching, it’s perfect not only for me but for my clients as they get immediate access to me.

I love doing whatever I want every day and allowing my muse and intuition to guide me. I live for the variety in my life and the ability to do what I love every single day without sacrificing interest or desire. I cook dinner for my family and sometimes my partner surprises me by going out to eat instead.

My life doesn’t feel like work, so I spend a lot of time creating, and by the end of the day, I relax with a good book or scrolling through the reels and TikTok on the socials.

I am so happy and grateful for 3 bedroom house in the country on 25 acres where I get to play with the animals, create art in my studio and help clients while sitting on my deck.

I am so happy and grateful to drive a new Ford Bronco that is reliable and gets to me to the places for selling my art or our fun road and camping trips.

I am so happy and grateful to help my clients get clear on what they want and help them along the way.

I am so happy and grateful to bring in 10k a month from passive and active income and have 30K+ in my savings account.

Your Ideal day can look and feel like whatever you want it to. A lot of what I shared above is already happening and some of it I am actively working towards. Journaling helps me be clear of what I want so I know what goals to work on, even if I don’t know just how I am going to get there!

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