Who do you help is such a big question and is one of those areas I used to struggle with because when you’re in the business of helping people, and you just start out, you fall under this thought of helping everyone that comes across your work and in contact with you. But I’ve since learned that knowing the population and type of person can be really helpful. It’s actually easier for me to get a feel for this in my coaching business and not as easy in my art business.


Is there a population or type of person you’d love to help? If so, what would you love to help them with?

Reflections, Thoughts, Feelings

In my coaching and consulting business, my people are creatives, multi-passionates and spiritual people – and honestly it’s me only a few years ago – before I really refined my niche I suppose. It’s people who want to do their passion work but struggle with all the marketing elements required to get in front of people to let them know you exist and how you can help.

I’m a big fan of doing things that come easy and that feel good when it comes to marketing and sometimes you have to look at those strategies that you are resisting, because growth happens in uncomfortable spaces. Here’s the thing, I love writing, I love recording audio – so blogging and podcasting make sense for me. Some people may prefer video and doing anything video related makes sense for them.

I love helping my clients define the strategies that will work for them – to explore different options but then choose one that aligns with who they are and the energy they want to bring. Creatives, multi-passionates and spiritual people often struggle with a newsletter, and trust me, I did too when I first started my business, so figuring out what to write and how often, is a strategy we can explore because your email list is one of your biggest assets. And at the end of the day it’s the routine that get’s balked yet because we’re are free spirited people to not be tied down by a schedule.

But more than anything I love helping creatives, multi-passionates and spiritual people get over their bullshit excuses of why they can’t make and sell art, write books and sell them, write music and record it, do readings for people and any other lightwork services they may offer. So many times there are stories that get in the way. Stories from childhood and adolescent years. Because of our experiences we tell ourselves we can’t write that book, create the art, make the music, use our gifts to help people.

We don’t feel

  • Good enough in our gifts
  • Smart enough to use our gifts
  • Deserving of success
  • Worthy of using our gifts for income
  • Allowed to profit from our gifts

And at the end of the day it’s all bullshit! The experiences, skills and talents, and gifts we have are meant to be shared with the world. You were given the experiences, skills and talents, gifts and ideas because they are meant for you. It’s your job to put them out into the world excuses be damned!

It takes courage and grit to put yourself out there, because haters will come at you eventually.

Here’s what I say to that: Let them!

Know that the haters wish they could do what you do but they don’t have the tenacity and courage to even imagine the possibilities.

So who are my people?

People like myself. Because everything I just shared, that was me at one point.

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