Have you ever taken the time to think about what’s holding you back? It can be a bit tough pill to swallow when we realize that we are responsible for not taking action because we believe we can’t make something happen for one reason or another. So let’s dive into today’s prompt!


What is the #1 thing currently holding you back from starting or pivoting into your dream business?

Reflections, Thoughts, Feelings

It’s taken my several years to get really clear on what it is that I do, to study what’s necessary for the kind fo coaching and consulting I want to offer and then implement the tools and resources along the way. And here’s teh thing, I get ideas all of the time. Some of them are shit ideas while other’s excite the hell out of me.

A few years ago I stopped chasing things and trying to fix things and allowed for ideas to just hit me and I would sit and marinate on them. Take The Journal Eclipse for instance. I was miding my business doing art things while watching Twilight (yeah go ahead and judge 🤣) and I love journaling. It’s been powerful and useful to me over the years in solving problems, letting go of furstration and refining ideas into much bigger things. Anyway, I wanted to share it more publicly and help people to journal if they wanted to. The name, the blog posts and products were all ready and set up in a span of a week.

I learned over the years that when I get an idea that I can’t let go, it’s best I take immediate action. I hyperfocus on it, until it’s out in the world. And now it’s my place where I share my reflections, thoughts and feelings with you and the world.

Here’s the thing though, it wasn’t alwys this way. I spend 20 years talking about writing a book and publishing it before I actually did. I spend 15 years trying out different business ideas before realizing that art, coaching and writing is what I live for. I have had stories hold me back. Stories of being a foster kid reject, of being unworthy or deserving of creating a life and a business of my chosing and well my own dreams.

I learned that I am not the only one that has stories that stop peopel from doing what they want, which is why The Rebels Den exist because so many creatives struggle to bring their ideas to live for either not knowing how not addressing what’s holding you back.

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