In yesterday’s journal prompt, did you write about what specifically you want to accomplish? Perhaps not because too often we don’t go deep enough with our wants and desires and are clear in what we want to achieve. That’s what today is all about!


What specifically do you want to accomplish?

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For me, the biggest thing is indeed breaking free from the societal constraints and programming of how we should live our life. I graduated high school, earned two college degrees, and even worked jobs, but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t fit into the mold.

What I want to accomplish has been said to be pipedreams and I shouldn’t live with my head in the clouds. And yet, I can’t imagine not creating art and selling it. I can’t fathom having the knowledge of setting goals and working towards them and not sharing that and supporting people in the process.

I want to make money doing the things I am passionate about and I want to show other people that it’s possible for them. And the thing about it is, that I learned this because other people shared their journeys with the world, teaching me what they know about doing all of those things. This is how I know I can do what I want, however, I want.

I want to have the kind of freedom that not only allows me to come and go as I please but the kind that has cut the cord of my past that has held me in restraints for far too long. I no longer want to be attached to the messages I was told by people who are constricted by their own fears.

I don’t know why my foster parents told me I’d never be successful and that I am a worthless human. I don’t know why other people in my life told me that my judgment can’t be trusted and that I needed to play it safe in life.

What I do know is that those messages and stories are just their projecting and really don’t have anything to do with me.

I am here on this planet to reduce and eliminate frustration, starting with my own and then helping my clients. And it has everything to do with the societal constraints and programming of how we all should do life as if it’s all just a cookie-cutter process. What I want to accomplish is to send the message, you can create the life you want, however, you want and it’s safe for you to do so when you shed the layers of your past and embrace who you are at your core.

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