Did you think about what qualities do you have that will help you with your business? This journey of self-employment isn’t an easy one and comes with many challenges but it’s also the most rewarding one that comes with lots of goodness.


What qualities do you have that would make you a successful business owner?

Reflections, Thoughts, Feelings

I used to really have a dislike for being a foster kid but something that I’ve learned is that it was actually perfect for becoming a business owner. And you may be wondering why that is.

Because life was filled with uncertainty, I didn’t know what each day would bring and I had to take risks, like moving to the United States at age 18 with an 8-months old baby.

I am driven, self-focused and determined and it all started with my foster parents yelling at me that I would never be successful. It was all about proving them wrong and showing the world what I am made of and that I indeed can be successful.

When my youngest was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder it was about being there for him so that I could take him to his medical appointments or sit in the hospital while also still working.

I studied goal success coaching because that’s why where my passion lies. I love goal setting like it’s my fuel because in this process I have been able to

  • publish books
  • create coloring books
  • make art
  • help people with their goals
  • sponsor a music festival
  • sponsor artists
  • go on vacations
  • reach my income goals

All of this also requires me to be self-reliant and self-motivated which again I learned growing up in foster care. I didn’t have anyone to depend on, to guide me and teach me so a lot of what I know is because I sought it out. I have this optimism deep within that’s guided me for a long time.

Everything is possible and I can figure it out – somehow. I also think it goes without saying that I am resilient and open to change which I believe is also important as a business can be uncertain at various times.

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