Do you know your level of determination? During the last year, I attempted 75Hard twice – and I’ve managed to sprain my ankle each time. I don’t love not achieving the goals I set out to do and so I am doing it again, for the third time.

And here’s the thing, I was going to start on Monday but then I reminded myself that I tell my clients to not wait and instead take action and so today became day 1. I anticipate some challenging moments due to my schedule of events to sell my art and will have to plan ahead to fit in 2 workouts a day. This means some runs will be super early in the morning which I don’t hate to be honest. I love running when the world still seems to be asleep.

My plan is to run in the morning and do my kettlebell workout in the evening but not until I had my coffee, read my 10 pages, and drink 16 oz of water. I’ll be following a low-carb-ish diet by eliminating potatoes, rice, pasta and bread as well as intermittent fasting. This works really well for me as I am not hungry first thing in the morning and I can avoid carb crashes I already know I’ll need to increase my protein – this may get tricky but I am up for a challenge!

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Today’s prompt:

What is your level of determination?

What is something that you’ve attempted but have not quite succeeded at yet? What’s in your head that you’re annoyed about that you’ve not achieved it?

For me, it’s definitely not completing the 75Hard challenge. I am also doing a run-the-edge challenge and am totally behind on that as well – yay for sprained ankles. I have 1191 to reach my goal of 2022 miles but that would mean about 9 miles a day. Here’s the thing though, last year I did 900 miles and I’ll cross that by the end of September so I feel like I am head of the game. I’ll sign up for this challenge again until I make it happen.

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