Knowing what problems you solve is another part of the equation of creating the life you want and achieving your goals. When I first started my coaching business I didn’t really focus on that and so I struggled with “what I do” for quite some time maybe you want to start a business and you have a similar struggle. So today’s prompt is all about problem-solving.


What is the problem you solve? How about a challenge you’ve overcome that you’d love to help others with? If so, what is it?

Reflection, Thoughts, Feelings

One of my favorite things to do is simply follow my ideas and see where they lead me. I believe ideas come to us on purpose and it’s our job to explore them, be adventurous with them and see what’s on the other side of it all. When I left the mental health field to be a life coach, I wasn’t sure what problem I solved – all I knew is that I wanted to help people.

But as I started my healing journey and got close to myself and really got to know myself, I knew that overcoming frustration was the key to what I do. So many creatives and multi-passionates are frustrated because they only care about doing their passion work which is all about creating art, writing books, making music, and other creative endeavors.

That’s all I ever wanted to do, well except for the music part – I like to listen to music and go to concerts and festivals.

Pinpointing all of the moments I was frustrated in my life and what I did to overcome them was my starting point in being clear about what it is that I do and it all comes down to problem-solving really. I mean here is a snippet of some of the things that I’ve overcome so far in this life:

  • Raised in foster care with no direction in life – abused in all kinds of ways and while I believe there was goodness in life to be had, the world wasn’t a safe place
  • Had a baby right after graduating high school at 17 with no income and limited support – an absent father and still quite lost in my own victim story
  • Moved to the US at 18 with an 8-month-old to a place with no income, no friends or family with a family that disliked me very much and judged me on pretty much everything
  • Doing healing work in terms of compassion and forgiveness and no longer being ashamed of my actions or decisions knowing that we all do the best we can with what we know at any given moment.
  • Jobs sucking my soul dry and my non-conforming self struggling to adhere to all of the rules of society of how life should be – didn’t want to just sling pizzas for a living and then die one day
  • Earned to college degrees online because as a single parent to three boys there was just no way for me to set foot into an actual school because I knew there was more to live
  • Became a special needs parent – son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder (UCD – CPS1) and underwent 3 liver transplants
  • Struggled to pay bills and stay afloat in this life always being behind or creating more debt I wasn’t sure how to get out of and so damn tired of barely surviving
  • Always depending on other people for my survival for basic needs like shelter and food. Giving away parts of me and justifying that I am doing it for my kids and in the meantime was more of a doormat

When I get frustrated here’s what I do

  • Journal to let it all out
  • go for a run
  • take a shower

Here’s what came out of it:

  • I help people with their dreams and goals – getting clear of wants and needs, developing a plan, and removing the excuses that get in the way
  • Create a journaling blog with resources to start journaling and printables that are useful
  • Make art while listening to music (or an audiobook) because it’s therapeutic for me and I love creating
  • Have a life that aligns with who I am – a non-conformist – doing what I want every day
  • Have various income streams not only to support my life but also to sponsor bare-knuckle fighters, a band, and a festival
  • Wrote several books because I wanted to and I can
  • Set boundaries and only allow people in my life that don’t drain my energy
  • Embrace my introvertedness, acknowledge my gender identity and that I have a touch of the tism
  • Have a journaling and gratitude practice because I believe that these two practices keep me steady and focused

Knowing the problem you solve, helps you develop your business because it gives you things to share about.

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