When it comes to your life, career, or business, what do you worry about at 3 am? What is that one thing that is keeping you up all night you wish you could solve so that you could start sleeping again?


What do you worry about at 3 am?

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I used to worry about how the bills would be paid, if my kid would survive another day and when would life finally become easy because shit I was tired of everything being so damn hard. I wanted to solve all of it and thought that going to school and getting my master’s degree was the solution – and well in part it was – until the job and working for someone no longer resonated with me. I am one of those folks that can do great for a while working for someone else but after some time it no longer works out for me. And when I got let go for being unfiltered and upset over a situation, it was my cue to go all into being an entrepreneur.

These days I don’t wake up at 3 am nor am I awake until 3 am because well, bills are getting paid, my kid is still here and life isn’t as difficult as it used to be. I haven’t looked back at a job in 7 years – I could not be happier waking up every day doing what I want and love. That doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of stress that keep me awake or wake me up in the middle of the night.

Just a few weeks ago I misplaced an important piece of paper I needed for an order and, well that stressed me the hell out and kept me awake. But then technology is amazing and I was able to track down a phone number to get in touch with the customer.

This means I need to think of a better system to receive the information when customers place a commission with me at events. Now, I will say I don’t get too many commissions (yet), and after 6 events this is the first one that I received while at an event. So I am glad this happened now because this gives me the time and space to think about what I can do better and differently so that I don’t place this information in a safe place and then forget where said the safe place is.

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