In my hears of following the dreams, I used to secretly dream about and brought into my life, I discovered that new secret dreams pop up. It’s why I don’t believe we ever fully “arrive” anywhere with our goals unless of course you stop going after those dreams.


What do you secretly dream about creating or doing with your life?

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From the time I was a teen I had always wanted to write a book about my upbringing in foster care, and I would start the draft over and over again. It wasn’t until 2009 however when a friend shared with me about self-publishing and it took about 3 months to write that book. It’s the beginning of my own awareness really, that healing could be possible and that I can indeed follow those secret dreams.

And I don’t know if this next bit is a secret for those that know me, but owning a homestead with some acreage to have a few horses, some chickens, a donkey, and a couple more dogs with a garden that provides us with vegetables – yeah I secretly dream about that.

But wait there’s more!

I love camping. I grew up going camping during the summers and in recent years have gone camping 2-3 times a year with friends. There’s something soothing about being in nature, disconnecting from the real world for a while. But 15 years ago, we went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and came across a campground no longer in use, and ever since then, I’ve been dreaming about owning a campground. And you know what would make this even sweeter if we have enough acreage on our homestead where we could pull that off, yeah that’s the dream.

While also still creating art, maybe lead an in-person workshop for my art, do coaching + consulting work and maybe write a few more books.

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