There was a time when I stumbled over my words when someone asked me what do I want out of life. And anytime I ask a client what they want, they go through the same motions. All too often we think we know what we want, and based on the programming we’ve received throughout our life. So that’s what today is all about!


What do I want?

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I’ve been pondering this more and more and I go through specific questions every so often because our wants change over time. What I wanted 15 years ago isn’t the same as what I want now. Back then I wanted to just survive and bring in enough of an income to contribute without worrying about the electricity being cut off. putting food on the table or being evicted. I wanted my kids to have a better life than I did and for my son to receive a quality life even with all of his medical challenges.

And yes, I still want all of those things because those are the basic needs for survival and are necessary to feel safe and secure without feeling like the rug is being pulled away from under me. But I also want more than that.

I want the freedom to do what I love doing every day however I want to do it. I also want the freedom to be able to do it from anywhere in the world. Although the reality is that I do prefer to have a place to come home to while also still having the ability to travel. I’ve just returned from a camping trip and it’s been absolutely amazing to spend time with friends that are really more like family. It’s been amazing to see new places and not need to rush to get up to do all of the things. Part of me has been thinking about how can I have more of that at home and the key thing is to really just take my time in the morning, to drink and really enjoy my coffee. This led me to consider doing start the 75 Hard Challenge again because I really do want to conquer this and say that I did it.

And with all that said, what I love to do is make art and support people with their goals. A friend of mine discovered photography and another put out the call to see if people were interested in her art. Both times, I felt called to speak up about how they should do it if they want to. That if it helps them feel better in terms of their mental health if it excites them and they like the idea of possibly making money with it, then it’s worth going after it. I found myself giving mindset and marketing advice. And I live for those moments and I want more of those.

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