What are you here to give to the world feels like a really big question and I used to meet that with “I don’t know”. I just want to do what I want to do. But over the years in my journey, I’d like to think I may have figured this out.


Answer this and don’t edit yourself: What am I here to uniquely give to the world?

Reflection, Thoughts, Feelings

If there is one thing I know about myself, it’s that I can see the world from multiple points of view, as if I were a hexagon. I have the ability to see and feel the dark, play with it, work with it and move it into the light.

Since birth, I’ve traveled many different paths from growing up in foster care to being a careless independent teenager, to becoming an immigrant, an SA survivor, a special needs parent, and perhaps most importantly stepping into who I am at a point in my life where my world was crashing down. It taught me what it means to walk on the level of my soul.

In this journey, I started to understand my own needs and motivation and since I have this hexagon view of the world, it’s helped me become a problem-solver. I help face frustration and overcome it. I am an idea generator who can see the vision the minute that idea gets to me.

I was once called a master of adversity, and perhaps that is true the biggest challenges in my life have always been feeling secure in who I am, creating safety around me, and tackling frustrating head on because just shying away from it has never created change in my life.

And perhaps in the scheme of things, I’m a change maker. In the last 20 years, my focus has been doing the things I love and am passionate about which are writing, making art, and helping people. I learned that I can’t focus on just one thing but that I can with the right schedule and routine do all of those things. My day can look and feel like whatever I want it to and I can make money any which way I want to.

So with all of that, what do I give to the world?

The opportunity to look at life and work differently, holding space for you to acknowledge your frustrations and then come up with possible solutions for you to explore while also removing the excuses you keep spewing out while you’re creating change in your world.

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