No one ever said that the process of uncovering limiting abundance beliefs would be an easy feat. I think the first time I’ve ever heard about limiting beliefs I was – not shocked – but definitely didn’t think it was a thing. I was so deeply rooted in my victimhood that it all felt just like a bunch of bullshit.

Today’s Prompt:

Uncover limiting abundance beliefs and reframe them. When you think about “wealth” or “abundance” what thoughts & beliefs immediately come to mind? Write out each belief.

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

When I think of wealth, it seems challenging to attain because I wasn’t given the tools and resources like many other people. When I think of abundance, it is a word that is being thrown around like it’s some kind of magic pill. When I think of wealth, only spoiled and snotty people are allowed to have that. When I think of abundance, I feel that it’s being sold as THE solution to all the problems.

For a long time, I had this story and belief that foster kids can’t be successful, I mean who could blame me for believing that after listening to it for 6 years! Because I grew up in the system I couldn’t be wealthy and have the life and career I wanted. And it wasn’t until I became an entrepreneur and addressed my own mindset that my belief around this changed!

I already am successful for the simple fact I exist. I am already successful because I graduated high school once and college twice. I already am successful because I have raised my kids and been in a stable relationship for 6 years (of course with a ton of ups and downs but we’re here nonetheless!).

The other day I sat in my office and acknowledged that I have everything I need. I have love, I have safety and I have security. I have a home, food, and all the modern things like electricity and plumbing. I have a car and the ability to keep it filled with gas.

Some thoughts and beliefs I’ve had when it comes to money:

I’m bad with money.
I can’t save.
I never have enough.
I can’t make enough.
I feel guilty and ashamed of my debt.
Making money means that I’m taking it from someone.
In order to make money, you have to work really hard, because success is hard to achieve.
I’m bad at paying off debt.
Saving money is a struggle.
You have to always evaluate every purchase.
You can always get it cheaper.
Living within your means is the best way to live.
You shouldn’t make a lot of money by helping people.
I never have enough money for what I want.
Life is too expensive.

I know there was a time I didn’t have any of those things and didn’t believe them possible. We are conditioned to always want more, but what if for just this moment, we are good with what we have and with where we are in this life?

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