I want to share with you some uncomfortable truth about looking at your shadow because when you start journaling with intention and purpose there are times you’d rather just wear some rose-colored glasses. I don’t know about you but admitting flaws, mistakes or behaviors that we aren’t proud of isn’t an easy thing to do and for the most part we avoid it to the best of our ability.

One of the hardest challenges I found is to be honest with yourself because that means taken a real good look at your part at any given situation or event. The confrontation where you overreacted and afterward berated yourself for your own behavior.

I may have mentioned this before, but I have food triggers due to abandonment and neglect – I don’t hoard food but used to get extremely irritated when the members in my home didn’t ask or consider if I wanted the last piece of cake. It send me in such an internal storm that I was pissed off for hours on end.

And this is why I journal because in the process I was able to recognize why I reacted so dramatically and address my own thoughts and irritation about it and I was able to communicate that with my partner.

I am not responsible for what happened to me in my childhood, I am however responsible for how I act in the present, and sometimes we can’t see where the trauma happened that caused us to act like a fool.

And this is uncomfortable awareness because the moment you become aware that your actions or behavior we over the top, and you take a moment to journal about it, you allow the information you need to step forward.

It’s acknowledging that not everything in life is all light, roses, and sunshine.

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