I want to share with you one of the most amazing trip I’ve taken and how journaling came into play in the process.

In 2018, my partner and I went to our very first music festival that including camping, camp fires and three days of music. It also gave us new and amazing friendships, it was almost like we’ve found our lost long family.

We’d spend the day roaming the festival grounds, listening to this band and that band – some we already knew but a hella lot we didn’t even know that existed. Friendships emerged, new tunes were bought and I got to see one of my favorites up close and personal.

We’d head to the campsite at the end of the day, hanging around the campfire where we chatted and sang songs. It was during one night that I was talking to someone about some deep personal stuff – I can be a bit too coachy because I want people to know how amazing they are – but anyway I totally loved the feel about being around the campfire and getting real about things.

After the weekend was over, I told my partner how amazing the weekend was and then I sat down with my journal and wrote about all the things I loved about it and what I didn’t love about it. It also helps to know that I love paranormal fiction romance novels because what happened next in my journal was something I had never expected.

I wanted a blog and business that encompasses all of what I experienced during that weekend and what I loved about the books I was reading.

It initially started because I loved coaching around the campfire and the next thing I knew I was launching my life + business blog called The Rebels Den. That was late 2018 and early 2019. Here we are in 2020 and I just launched the Journal Eclipse – I had not considered launching something new because I already have my hands full but then journaling has been such a huge transformation from the inside out that I wanted a place where I would only share about journaling and all its possibilities.

As I started to write this blog post looking at the prompts, I wanted to share with you how the most amazing trip I’ve ever taken got me here to this point right now.

July Journal Prompts

Plan your dream summer vacation where would you go?

Talk about one of your favorite summer vacations.

If you could go back to school in the fall, what would be your major?

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