Setting Business Boundaries is one area I think is often overlooked in the beginning because we have this idea of what we’re supposed to be doing until a steady income is created. In the meantime though, you may just end up burning out because switching from an 8-hour job to a business is different, but it doesn’t have to walk you into the ground.


What boundaries would you or do you need to set in your business?

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When I first started my business, I gave it my all without having clear boundaries – now I give it my all with boundaries. It’s easy to get caught up in feeling like you need to respond right away anytime you get a message or email. And yes, business owners tend to work a bit more than those that work a job, because our income depends on us, and we’re not receiving a steady paycheck from someone else.

But if you work 7 days a week, respond immediately anytime someone messages you, and wants you to work, you’re setting yourself up for annoyance and resentment. Ask me how I know.

You can and should have business hours and a policy on when and how you will do business. First, I don’t work weekends. I also don’t do client work on Mondays because that’s my admin and meeting day.

All of my communication is either done via email or through Voxer. My 1:1 clients get access to me via the Volley App but even that is between specific days and hours that they have booked. For my tech clients that may be ongoing, I have a 2-day lead time, meaning they can request the work but it will take at least 2 days before I can work on the project. In the past, when I did a lot more virtual assistance work, I would jump on the clients’ requests immediately but that didn’t sustain my energy well.

Setting Business Boundaries early on when developing your business is really important. You’re teaching people how to treat you and when they can and will have access to you. It’s crucial that you have some downtime, whether that’s reading a book, binging for a few hours on a series, or having a workout routine.

This is a bit of what my day can look like:

  1. Coffee and journaling
  2. Workout (run or kettlebell)
  3. Review my day and my MITs (Most important tasks)
  4. Check into my community + make a post
  5. Work on MITs
  6. Create art
  7. Spend time with my partner
  8. Cook dinner
  9. Make more art
  10. Go to bed

My MITs (Most important tasks) are either creating content or time for my clients. Since I also sell my art in person, some days will look different and there are some days.

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