Every day, week, and month you can set the intention to claim what you want to experience and make happen with your actions. Intentions can be anything you want them to be in any area of your life, such as work, personal, relationships, finances, leisure, spiritual, health, and personal environment. They can be viewed as goals but are more about the feelings and experiences you want to have.


Set the Intention

Reflection, Thoughts, Feelings

By August 31, 2022, I will have experienced an amazing concert with friends on a quick road trip to Pennsylvania. We had an amazing time and lots of laughs together. I had an amazing vacation with friends in West Virginia where we went horseback riding, chilling by the water, and exploring nature. When you’ve been working hard and investing a lot of time to create the life you want, these small moments of time are worth it.

I feel better, stronger, and healthier in my body as I am able to stick to my eating habits and workout routine. Eating fewer carbs is doing me wonders in my energy department. As I am heading closer to menopause and nearing 50 in a few years, I made it my mission to be in the best health and shape that feels aligned to me.

I get to create art every day and it warms me when people admire it but more so when they want to own it or give it to friends and family as a gift. It’s that small token of appreciation that keeps me going and being in front of people to share my work with them.

My income streams feel amazing and I am so excited to have found a system that works for me and do things I absolutely love to do. It’s one of those important things in my life to show people what’s possible for them when they are willing to stay in the room when things get uncomfortable but do the work anyway. The results are so worth it.

When I set the intention, I get to reflect on how much I am in alignment with what is going on in my life and business now. Where do I feel I can improve to bring in that feeling and what goals do I need to set to keep moving towards the intention?

From here I can set some clear action toward what I want to achieve!

  1. Workout – alternate Kettlebell + Running/Walking
  2. Eat low-carb diet
  3. Create Bookmarks, Coasters, and Keychains
  4. Participate in 2 events to sell art
  5. Content creation for other business
  6. Market my offerings
  7. Concert trip to PA
  8. Vacation trip in WVA

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