It’s time for me to reset the journaling practice. I am not big on admitting I’ve neglected my morning writing practice but I got into the habit of getting up, drinking my coffee, and then getting right to work. And I got to thinking, that perhaps, I should be doing it right here on The Journal Eclipse and maybe you will follow along with me.

My goal is to come here every day before starting my workday and journal using a prompt that I will share with you that you can then use for yourself and together we explore, embrace, heal and grow in our little corners of the world.

I think sometimes it’s necessary to reset the journaling practice, especially if you’ve gotten away from it for a bit as I had. And I know that public accountability has a way of motivating me to do the things I know are beneficial for myself as well as helping me reach my goals.

This will also help me give this blog a bit of a new life as I had let it fall to the wayside getting busy with other things.

When it comes to writing in a journal, whether you keep one online like this one, or use a paper journal, there are 7 things I want you to remember when it comes to your journaling practice!

  1. Don’t overthink it.
  2. Just write.
  3. No one has to read what you write.
  4. Use it as a tool for self-expression.
  5. Don’t judge yourself.
  6. Let it flow.
  7. Have fun!

If you are ready to reset the journaling practice, I invite you to join me starting tomorrow with a daily prompt I will post here on the blog.

Just know that once you start writing every day, nothing will ever be the same in your life!

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