I am the first one to admit, that while I have had a lot of ideas over the years, I did not always give myself permission to dream and it’s a way to hold us back from experiencing the life that we want.

Today’s Prompt:

  1. Is there something you secretly wish you were working on creating? If yes, what is it? What’s one step you can take forward to make it a reality?
  2. What have you been wanting to create to have more abundance in your life but felt like you didn’t have the time or energy to build or do?

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

As I am thinking over the question, one thing that comes to mind for me is my Crochet Academy and the step I need to take is to record videos! I still spend way too much time scrolling through the socials instead of focusing on what I want to create.

My challenge is that I get peaks of inspiration and then ride the wave for a short period of time and then lose my footing or get another inspiration to focus on for a while. As I am undiagnosed, I do believe this is a neuro-divergent trait and I am learning how to still make it all work.

Some structure works for me but that has a bit of a tendency to get boring and I don’t like being bored 🤣 I also didn’t think truly that I could be an artist and a coach, but now that I have reworked how people can work with me an non of us are tied to zoom calls – it’s all just more doable.

So I have a choice: hang out on the socials or create and I am going to create!

Giving yourself permission to dream is not easy because no doubt your limiting beliefs, your doubts, and messaging will tell you that it’s all just crazy talk. But you owe it to yourself to explore it all so you can create the life you want!

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