Overcoming challenges during difficult times isn’t a new thing for me or my family. But just like you, I think none of us were prepared for a pandemic and the need to shelter at home. For us concert + festival season was to begin with 2-3 shows a month and a festival every other – give or take the scheduling. Those are our vacations, us connecting and hanging out with our friends and enjoying tie away from the every day with music.

This staying at home is also not really new to us and feels like we’ve practiced this after my son came home for each hospital stay after one surgery or another. This certainly gives us a bit of an advantage but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own challenges.

When everything shut down, the shelves in the store were empty and when you come from abandonment and neglect in some cases, food and having access to food is one of the of the biggest challenges. So we went to the store to see what we could stock up on because I was in panic mode.

What if we couldn’t get enough food to stay nourished and healthy? What if we starve and get sick? What if we die?

My brain just went all dramatic on me and when we went to the store, I could feel the panic attack coming at me. I survived the grocery store run and one of the things we agreed on is that my partner would be the one to do the shopping – this would help me not panic – and since he’s an essential worker if you will – he is already out and about and there was no point in me heading out.

I always write in my journal when I am trying to overcome challenges in difficult times – it’s the place where I can be irrational, share my fears and then reread them to approach the hurdles with some logic. I found this to be key – because no one reads my journal and it allows me to really process what is going on in my head and even my heart unfiltered. It’s the place I can then take a step back and read it and work through it with a more rational thinking process.

What is the Challenge or Problem?
What do I need during this time?
What can I do about this?
Who can I reach out to for support?
Why am I having this emotions?

Asking myself the questions make it a lot easier to overcoming challenges and one of the key things that has helped tremendously is to keep 2 weeks worth of food in the house at all times. This meant that my inner child knew she would eat but that the mother and partner that I am would know my family would be provided for.

May Journal Prompts

You’re almost halfway through the year, how is it going so far?

Name one challenge you want to overcome in May.

What do you want to do over the summer?

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