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Plan your dream summer vacation – where would you go?

My upcoming summer vacation is on the horizon but first I want to share one I would love to do and that is taking my family on a tour in Europe and showing them the places where I grew up and the places I’ve been – and discovering some new ones too. There are some countries I didn’t get to go to growing up as travel wasn’t as easy as it is now and I had moved continents by the time I was 19.

We would visit Frankfurt of course and Bad Homburg, the place of my birth. We’d visit the baltic sea where my grandparents lived, and the south to visit Munich. We’d travel to France, Spain, and Italy and a pit stop in Austria to visit some friends along the way. Spending 3-4 days in each location and I’d call it Tour de Europe.

The vacation I am taking this year

With that said, I have not had a real vacation in over 30 years. Yes, I’ve done day trips here and there, and gone camping and attended festivals for a few days, but to me, those aren’t really vacations. I don’t know if it’s because of the length of time or the activities, but a planned festival trip is now turning into a real vacation due to the changes in the festival as it’s been postponed for a year. We will enjoy one day of music at the venue and I am thrilled for the few bands that are playing that day.

We could have gotten our money back – except that one of my companies is a Sponsor – and we could have canceled the camping spot and just gone next year. But the consensus for your group was to still go for the full 5 days and be tourists, in other words, make it a vacation.

During my upcoming summer vacation, we’ll be visiting an abandoned amusement park, going horseback riding, some small hiking, and a day at the lake. We’ll attend a day of music at the venue the festival was planned at. We’ll also be camping the whole time – and what I love about camping at the State Park is that we have access to showers, which is a plus when doing a bunch of activities.

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