When setting a money goal, you will probably have some thoughts and beliefs pop up. Here’s the thing if you are serious and want to achieve them, then you will want to journal about that so you can really embrace your goal!

Today’s Prompt

For your large goal, journal on:

  • What beliefs pop up when you think about achieving this goal?
  • Can you reframe the negative beliefs?
  • What good you would do in the world if you actually hit this goal. How would you use it to be of service–to yourself, your clients, your family + friends, causes you care about, and the world at large?
  • How would it FEEL to actually achieve this goal?

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

The large money goal I shared yesterday, is $10,000 and I mentioned how this scares me but also stretches my comfort zone a bit.

My initial gut reaction is that it could never happen to me because well I grew up in foster care and that kind of thing just doesn’t come true for the likes of me. This truly is just a bullshit story because when I search for Successful foster kids, there are a ton of people that

  • I didn’t know were foster kids
  • They are successful and even famous

For me finding evidence that it is possible is helpful in reframing my own negative beliefs. For instance, I’ve already been successful in a myriad of ways, for example:

  • graduated top ten in my class in high school
  • made national deans list 3 years in a row in my undergrad
  • made honor society with my graduate degree
  • raised my children
  • I am still alive
  • I make money doing what I love

So foster kids can be successful, it just means it takes us a little longer because we often have a lot of things stacked against us from the get-go.

Here’s the thing earning $10,000 would allow me to not only support my family of course but we could and would have a lot of fun doing things we like to do such as road trips and concerts.

It would allow me to hire a small team to help me run my businesses and support my clients with their goals.

It would also allow me to give back to communities that are important to me, such as the national urea cycle foundation, COTA (children’s organ transplant association), and The Arc of Piedmont.

Achieving this goal would feel amazing and satisfying. I have this thing I do which is rebel against what people said I should do or couldn’t do. I’ve been proving my foster parents wrong since the age of 8. I’ve been proving one of my social workers right in the process.

Someone once told me that I couldn’t have the cake and eat it too, and I’m like well it’s not fun just looking at it, soooo I will buy it, look at it and eat it. And that feeling can’t be explained in words!

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