Yesterday we wrote about our money goals, today we’ll dive in just a bit to devel into how we want to make your money work for you. I think money is a topic that often can feel uncomfortable especially if it’s been avoided for the most part of your life since childhood.


How do you want money to work in your dream business? How often do you receive payments? How will you receive payment? And how does it feel to receive payment for you and for your clients and customers?

Reflections, Thoughts, Feelings

I definitely want my money to work every day and since I have multiple streams of income, it’s a lot easier these days. When I first started my business I hadn’t heard the time of multiple streams of income or passive income but the deeper I got into entrepreneurship the more those two topics made it into my peripheral. A lot of my products are set up so that there available immediately, with the exception of my coaching + consulting – and the Monthly Inspiration Membership where new content is released every month.

I have it set up so that I can accept payment via PayPal or Credit Card via Stripe, which works really well for me. I only accept cash when I do vendor events to sell my art in person and I don’t take checks (yeah people still write checks, weird, right?).

And it feels absolutely incredible that I get to receive payment for all that I do because I am helping people in some way, which is definitely one of my top favorite things to do. I also love when people admire my art and want to own it or give it as a gift. It’s incredibly validating and just feels really good knowing that I can make money without the need of a j.o.b.

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