Leaning into abundance can be a bit of a challenge and today you’re going to take a look at what is available to your right now. I know that you may still be in a bit of a storm and that’s okay, but maybe you have a few things that can help you feel abundant.

Today’s Prompt

What abundance is available to you right now that you’re not leaning into? (i.e. unused gift cards, an inquiry, an invitation, etc.)

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

I don’t have any unused gift cards what I do have is an amazing partner that takes me out to dinner at least once a week. There was a time that this wasn’t even possible but the work we put into our life, is paying off in more ways than one. We are no longer trying to figure out how everything gets paid.

I have checks literally in the mail on the way to me and I always chuckle about that because we all know how some of us avoided paying our debts and simply just stated: “checks in the mail” but now they are on the way to me.

I also recognize that I am being invited to be a speaker at summits and invitations to collaborate on email list-building activities for my other business. One of the challenges is that when you start out in business, it’s hard to see yourself as an expert until those things happen for you and with you!

One of the things that still surprises me is the word-of-mouth referrals that are happening that bring people to me. Due to some of my own limiting beliefs I didn’t always recognize my own brilliance (without sounding too arrogant because I don’t like bragging). But all that I know and have done with clients, has led me to be named a “secret weapon” or “a genie in the bottle”. But just yesterday I was sought out by such a referral to support them in their business.

Leaning into abundance is almost like finding the change in your couch cushion or the bottom of your bag. I don’t keep a lot of change but maybe you can spend some time decluttering to find that goodness.

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