One of my first solid experiences in changing my life and my mindset was all about journaling your affirmations. I hadn’t really ever heard about them but I was in a situation where I needed to change the way I was thinking about things in my life, including myself. And a friend shared with me what they are and how they can work sort of behind the scenes in your mind.

So what exactly is an Affirmation?

When your head is filled with negative thoughts all the time or one time or another, affirmations are a tool that can help you rewrite your thoughts from negative to positive.

In essence, it’s a positive statement you make about what you want in life and/or how you want to feel. Affirmations build on positive thinking by putting your positive thoughts into spoken or written words and help you take control of your own thoughts.

The more you become aware of your own thoughts, the better you can refocus on what you want to achieve

How do Affirmations Work?

Every day you practice affirmations you are making your mind focus on your own potential and stop allowing negative thoughts to hold you back. The key is to not just think positive thoughts, but also saying them out loud or writing them out, you are forcing your mind evaluate the truth of your thoughts.

If you always tell yourself you can’t do something – well then that’s true. But if you say you can do something that is true too.

How to Create your Own Daily Affirmations

This is how I use them and create them!

Step 1: What is a current negative thought or feeling I am having. Write that down.

Step 2: What thought or feeling do I want to have and why do I want that?

Step 3: Write my personalized affirmation

Some of the key elements to keep in mind is that they should be in present tense, be stated in the positive, don’t include “I need” or “I want” and focus on the outcome you’d like to achieve with the new thought and feeling.

Affirmations generally include: I will, I can, I am

Step 4: Recite or write daily

Now that you have your personal affirmations, the real work begins. Every day for whatever time it takes to fill your page, and journaling your affirmations. This isn’t an overnight process but after some time you’ll notice a difference in your thoughts and your attitude.

August Journal Prompts

List 10 affirmations to repeat every day in August.

Write a poem or short story that takes place in the fall.

What are you looking forward to this month?

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