Something I learned over the years is that the more I write about what’s in my soul, it also becomes good for the heart and it’s becomes to express it in all areas. There’s a clarity that happens through the free writing I do that it’s like BOOM! that’s it.. I feel it in every fiber of my being and have been known to literally jump for joy.

I find journaling to be extremely powerful when I am in frustration mode because it’s that space of where you are just dumping the words like a big bucket of water and then ask yourself: Now what do I do.

This is cathartic and while it doesn’t change the situation immediately, it does help to create a plan moving forward. I journal more frequent now – not when I am in the abyss of everything is wrong but in the space of everything is right and how can I make it even more exciting.

You might be wondering why – when everything is good – you’d want to create more excitement in your life?

I don’t know about you, but living a mediocre life isn’t in my plan of things. I want to feel alive – and sure there are days that are boring is hell – but then I do take a look about what I am excited about.

This can be from spring being near and me tending to a garden that grows our own food to a rock concert where I am upfront and feel the music in every fiber of my being.

Journaling about the boring, the exciting and the not so amazing things is good for the heart because you giving yourself space to realize, reflect and recommit to the life you want and the person you need to become to create it.

February Journal Prompts

Describe your dream Valentine’s Day date.

What are your goals for February?

Talk about how your year is going so far.

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