It might be a bit confusing but is money supporting you? When you embrace journaling, you may consider adding money journaling to your daily routine because it helps you note down where and how much you spent but also to be mindful of impulse purchases and spending money carelessly. If you don’t have a money journal right now, you can still acknowledge how money is supporting you.

Today’s Prompt

How has money supported you today?

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

It’s Saturday, and I am not planning on going anywhere. I am trying to actually maybe take a day off instead of working, and maybe do some art that’s not my norm. I purchased a Cricut several months ago and have been wanting to do layered paper images.

Here’s the thing, I have two work desks, and one of those is at my art station as I will often use it to look up references or even watch a movie or a show when I am not into listening to music. But that makes things a bit challenging as the Cricut is at a different desk and I use the design space with my main computer.

I’ve been putting off getting an external hard drive, even though I lost a lot of computers over the years and everything on it. So getting one had been on my list for quite some time. As I was adding a folder to my dropbox so I could at least do something, I was alright that’s enough of putting it off.

A quick look into my bank account and I had the money to purchase myself a Seagate with enough space to last me for a bit! Even if I didn’t have the money in the bank, I also have the cash on hand and could have gone to the store and purchased one. But today money supported me by being in the bank and me not having to leave my house and it will be arriving tomorrow.

I look forward to spending the day organizing all of my files.

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