People used to ask me if money wasn’t an issue what would you do, and I didn’t always love this question at the beginning of my “shifting my mindset” journey. When you’re having a hard time paying bills and barely putting food on the table, it’s challenging to think about the possibilities, but I realize this prompt can help you grow!


If you had endless money & time at your disposal, how would you spend your days?

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I would probably spend it a lot as I do now with some adjustments here and there. I currently get up in the morning, do my journaling, spend working 2 hours on and in The Rebels Den Business, spend 2 hours on a project, take a dip in the pool, and then make art for the rest of the day. And all throughout the week, I get to help people with my content and coaching.

Sometimes I end up working on the project a little more because it’s needed like setting up the Monthly Inspiration Membership, I spend almost a day on it to be able to share it publicly. And other a day or three attending an event to sell my art in person.

Because our goal is to renovate the house, we’ve limited our adventures to concerts and such but we do allow for fun activities – we’ve seen Bon Jovi, A Day to Remember, The Ghost Inside and Bad Omens so far this year. There’s a camping trip coming up with horseback riding, exploring the area, and a day of music. And we’ll attend Iron Maiden later this year.

This may make my days look rather boring but as I said, we want to renovate this house, so that we can turn it into a rental and purchase a bigger homestead. I don’t know that I want to spend my days any different right now. I am a creature that likes freedom and a routine at the same time which can make things a bit challenging when you’re an entrepreneur.

But the next bit really speaks to my introverted self:

  • Yes, I want to travel but also I want to stay home.
  • Yes, I want to go to lots of concerts, but I also don’t.
  • Yes, I want to eat out instead of cooking, but I also don’t.

I do know that if money wasn’t an issue those would happen more and I am actively working on finding ways to maybe do a little bit of the travel, go to concerts, and not have to cook.

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