I never thought I would be a good money custodian but as I a looking around my life right now, I can see the results of the work I have done to get out of a broke and broken mindset. And I am in awe because there was a point in my life where I didn’t really think that having money in the bank would be my reality.

Sure I’d earn money but as soon as it came in, it also went out. I probably fed kept the people at the bank fed quite well over the years. And no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. It’s like every time I tried to save money, something happened to throw a monkey wrench into it all. And man was that frustrating as hell.

I am a wee bit embarrassed to say that I didn’t get a hang of it until a few years ago but then when I committed to doing the work – the mindset and shadow work – it is changing my life and has changed my life and I’ve been able to learn how to be a good money custodian.

So how did this happen you ask?

Heart Confetti Monthly Money Planner

I created a money tracker that was fun, not really overwhelming and that helped me stick to my guns when it came to receiving money and spending money.

Asking for money wasn’t an easy thing to overcome and spending it when I didn’t need to was equally challenging.

But this planner where I create money plans, pay attention to my expenses, pay off debt so it doesn’t break me and color in the money I receive made the whole process much more enjoyable!

The Monthly Money Planner is meant to make it fun while becoming a good custodian of your money.

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