In the last week, we’ve explored the money past. Now it’s time to look at your money present. Here we are exploring what is currently true for you and how you can tap into the abundance that already exists!

Today’s prompt

Five things I am grateful for today

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

Before I dive into my own gratitude, I want to share that I used to really have a hard time with the concept of it all. when your life is a bit of a shit storm and riddled with chaos from the trauma of your own past, mixed with the trauma of the people in your life, and can make life really hard to maneuver.

It’s hard to see the sunshine in the rain.

I’ve shared before there was a time that we barely could pay the bills and we were in and out of the hospital with the youngest due to his medical condition. Life was hard as fuck.

Add in that we are also a blended family, child support was inconsistent on my end, and my partner worked 3 jobs just to keep us afloat a lot of times. It was hard to breathe.

And then one day, I decided to write out gratitude for 30 days and something changed. It was more than just the material things though, there was more confidence in who I was as a person and recognizing that indeed I had a lot to be thankful for.

The 5 things I am grateful for are:

  1. My partner and his unconditional support and loving me
  2. My kids near and far because they taught me lots of good things
  3. Medical technology such as liver transplants have given my son an extension of life
  4. Technology that allows me to run my business anywhere in this world
  5. My art skills and the amazing things I can do with wood-burning

Your money present is your current situation at this moment in time in this life. And kicking off with gratitude shows all the goodness you already have.

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