I’m all about giving yourself grace and nurture your needs at any given time and especially when the world is turned upside down … but I am also of the believe we can’t just stay there … at some point you have to show up and do the work if you want to follow those dreams and turn them into goals. 

Even when things are uncertain you can and still need to show up for yourself – even it means means only doing one important thing for the day and then chill out and take a nap or binge on your favorite show. 

What is the one thing you’ve been dreaming about doing? 

And how can you take action towards that – even if the world is in a bit of chaos? 

Even the smallest step you can take at any given moment matters!

I absolutely believe that with every fiber of my being! 

And this week, I was able to support a close friend during her online event to help her make sure things go well from the technical side of things. 

Which this got me thinking: 

What do you need to know to take the next step? 
What information would help you create impact right now?
How can I best support you in this moment? 

It would mean the world to me if you comment with your response because I am determined to help you overcome what’s getting the way support you in reaching the next level. 

My focus as been setting up and planting in my garden because one of the things that would help us make an impact in our lives is to find ways to be more sustainable.

Which has been a bit of a challenge with all the rain we’ve been getting – rain makes me tired and not willing to do much of anything.

The pandemic certainly has dampened an important birthday in our family – my partner’s. We had plans to go to a concert the night before but since everything is being canceled or postponed it’s been putting a bit of a damper on live.

So I’ve been giving myself grace to meet my needs which can look like taking more naps, getting lost in a book or creating a new piece of art.

We need space to clear our heads and so it’s valid to give yourself grace to meet your needs but this time also calls for finding a new way of being and doing.

April Journal Prompts

Are there any important birthdays or dates to remember in April?

Plan out your dream garden.

What do you love to do when it rains?

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