January seems to be the perfect time to gather your thoughts and declare your goals.

There is something quite powerful setting your intention for the year through writing. I’ve never been one to do a vision board as I found that they can get me down and stuck – the mind chatter goes rampant.

But what has helped me is to write out a vision of what I want to achieve. This blog exists because I want to share with you the process that has helped me to

  • rewrite some of the stories I kept hanging on to and learned to find compassion
  • create a vision for my year and my life that feels good and reflect on it all
  • problem-solve some of my frustrating moments and find a way out of the struggle

Acknowledging some of the biggest things you want to achieve feels scary but change isn’t created in the safe zone. People have a tendency to sensor themselves when writing out their goals and so they keep playing small. So don’t be afraid to set some big goals, because I fully believe that when you write out what you want and need, the process of how it’s going to happen will unfold – and if not on its own accord, then you will meet someone that can show you.

And then of course, winter is almost over and thoughts are swirling around spring. Spring for me is like drinking a refreshing glass of water, the energy is coming back as cold man winter slowly says good-bye. Looking ahead will help you plan better and help you guide your goals that you would like to achieve. And journaling doesn’t have to be complicated!

January’s Journal Prompts to declare your goals:

  • Write down the biggest thing you want to achieve this year.
  • List 5 goals for January.
  • Describe what you hope to do in the spring.

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