Start Journaling Today

and create the change you want to achieve in your life!

Do you keep buying journals with the intention of starting a regular writing practice? Do you find yourself stuck on what to write about? 

〉Journal Prompts to help you get started in your writing practice

〉Tips on how make this a regular habit and make it work for you

〉Insights on how you can create change in your life

Starting a journaling practice can be daunting – what will you discover and uncover when you begin to share your soul on paper? 

Nothing will be the same, I promise you that.

But I also promise you that this may be the greatest gift you can give yourself to truly embrace who you are and stop hiding your amazing self from the world! 

I’m Petra and love writing – specifically journaling about the good, bad and shadow side of things.

Through journaling I have tapped into my own intuition and connected with my soul so that I could rewrite my story from foster kid reject to foster kid success. 

I’m the spirit behind The Journal Eclipse, where you’ll find all sorts of inspiration for journaling, balancing the shadow and light side of life, and information to help you make journaling a lifelong habit. 

Start Journaling today!

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