Journaling has this hidden process of finding your voice. In the past, when I journaled it was usually about releasing frustration and then over the years it was to express myself in writing that I could never do verbally, and in the process, I found my own voice.

We often get caught up in the thoughts of worrying about what others will think, how will they react, and what if I end up all alone because I used my voice but people didn’t like it or appreciate it. That fear of judgment often keeps people stifled but through writing it out, you can actually become more confident in using your voice, once you find it that is.

Finding your voice comes from that place within you that’s real and authentic – it’s speaking from that level of your soul that also has the ability to draw people in because you are now speaking YOUR truth.

Finding my voice has been a challenge for me because for the longest time I wasn’t allowed to have one and when I could use my voice, I didn’t know how to share it.


What do you think really matters in your life from personal to business/career?

Reflection, Thoughts, Feelings

What really matters in my life is that I do the things that light me up and bring me joy. This means I spend time with people I care about and that reciprocate the friendship. I am an idea generator and some ideas are fantastic while others not so much but exploring all of them often feel important because for me life is about the experiences I get to have.

For so many years I was told I can’t make art, write books and help people. I was told I can’t have the cake and eat it too. I was told to stick to one thing, niche down and in essence, do life just like everyone else. But my joy lies in those things. My art is my therapy – the place I disconnect for a little while to recharge and in turn when I sell it, it brings me joy to share that with other people knowing they bought it for themselves or something they care about with art that’s a little different.

I’ve always been a writer pretty much from the day I learned how to do it. It wasn’t easy as I was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 7 but because my foster family had me go through tutoring, I improved. That doesn’t mean that I don’t make mistakes or switch things up, but having dyslexia doesn’t stop me from doing what I love! That matters to me because so many times we all make excuses for why we can’t do something for one reason or another. It matters to me to show people that indeed they can.

Here’s the thing, I’ve been helping people for as long as I can remember. I have this innate coaching thing that I do without ever having to think about it. Some years ago, I thought that being a mental health counselor was my calling but because it kept me in a box more or less, I discovered that coaching was more my thing. It’s the place and space I get to be unfiltered and just be me and do what I like to think I do best: problem-solving, idea generating, and sorting out how to move forward.

Underneath all of this what matters to me is freedom. For so long I was told how to live my life, controlled by external systems and my inside rebelling at it but was stifled because no one had shown me the way. It’s through the experiences and events in my life that I was able to recognize that life didn’t have to be lived like everyone else.

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