What is your favorite type of workout?

It happens to some of us, we are active when we were younger, probably in some kind of sport for a long time, but then life happens and you stop being as active. I was a gymnast and dancer from age 6-12 and a runner and dancer after that.

Well, until life happened and I stopped going out as much, be that good stay-at-home wife and took care of the kids. But even after that I hiked often and enjoy being outside on the trails. When my son was ill however for that long stretch of time following his liver transplant, it stopped and I have gotten away from being active.

I still love dancing very much but haven’t found a way to integrate that back into my life – I tried a time or two, ballroom and swing – things I learned growing up – but I always feel so out of place.

I did start running again, and my favorite type of workout. I get to listen to my music and just enjoy nature while running – until some dog owner decides their dog doesn’t need to be on a leash at a park where it’s required in a county where it’s the law. But I can’t control other people’s behavior just my own.

Anyway, a few years ago, I joined a soccer league for like 2-3 years but stopped playing when the pandemic hit, and I miss it quite a bit. I played every season – indoor and outdoor. I haven’t been able to rejoin as I have a scheduling conflict so I am sticking to running and walking/hiking for the most part.

This year I added a kettlebell workout to focus on some strength training as well. I am just a few years away from turning 50 and I made it my mission to be in the best shape and health for me.

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