Dream it, plan it, do it that is where the magic is of reaching your goals.

I recall wanting to write a book when I was about 17 and it would be about the life in foster care. For years, and I mean years, I talked about it, started it here and there, only to put it aside and let it go. And then repeat the cycle over and over again. At one point I felt so out of sorts that while people tried to cheer me on the believe wasn’t there.

I also remember when I finally dug into my heels and sat down to write that book – I was 35 – it was right after my son was diagnosed with urea cycle disorder – a rare genetic disorder that left untreated will lead to brain damage, coma or death. It was like in that moment I knew that if I don’t sit down and write that book now it will never get written.

It was the start of me committing to my dreams, planning them and then sitting down the work to do the actions required to achieve them. My dreams have been the driving force of trying to figure out how to make it happen. We don’t have all the answers when starting out.

Take this blog for example, it’s been perhaps 12 years in the making – learning everything that is required to get it going from branding to setting it all up and launching it into the world.

Sometimes we don’t know how it all works out – I wasn’t exactly planning on launching a new blog, I was however planning to reach my income goals and in a way the blog plays a part in that role. I am not just wanting to share my insights, knowledge and wisdom with you – it’s a business and a business doesn’t exist if there’s no money coming in.

I created the planners in my shop to help you get started so you too can dream it, plan it, do it!

There’s power in the pen when we declare what it is we want to achieve. It’s your conscious self having a conversation with the subconscious. You may not quote know how your goals are going to happen, but they are communicating with one another to lead you to the next step!

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