Your Future Money is about creating what you want and it starts with defining what an abundant life means to you! So far during our abundance journaling, we’ve explored past and present money thoughts and beliefs, and you will probably already know what an abundant life feels like for you!

Today’s Prompt

How do you define an “abundant” life? (Don’t worry about how somebody might answer this. Tune into what you truly want for your life.)

Reflection, Thoughts + Feelings

I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I’ll do it again because life used to be quite different for me. Life used to be flight or fight and just a matter of survival. It was as if I was trying to stay above water and forgot how to swim. I just wanted a good life, being able to pay the bills, provide for my kids and have a little fun along the way.

Your future money is about thinking about how you want to live and what that would look and feel like! And for me to have an abundant life it means to have all of my bills paid, every month and on time. It means that there is food in our home to cook and eat. It means that I can do the work I want to do – be it art, coaching, or writing! It means that if I want to take a Saturday off for an adventure day, I can do that without hesitation.

  • It’s about living in the now and not in the past or future as that will only lead to worry and anxiety.
  • It’s about knowing that there is plenty for everyone and you can have your own success.
  • It’s about gratitude and attitude and the way you see this life you are living.
  • It’s about tuning into who you are and living in accord with your own intuition.
  • It’s about being open to opportunities because you are always one decision away from a different life
  • It’s about enjoying what you have now.

And I’ll be frank, I don’t love the house I live in and want to move to some new land and have a new house. It’s a bit of a big goal. But as I sat here pondering all the hows of making it happen, it dawned on me that, I have an abundant life, like I am in the middle of it.

As someone that studied Maslow’s hierarchy in college and started working on my own healing, to help me define what abundant life is, it makes sense in my brain! I’ve been progressing starting with

  • Physiological – I have food, shelter
  • Safety – I feel more secure being self-employed
  • Love and belonging – I have a great partner, amazing kids, and a few friends
  • Esteem – I think this is always a work in progress but I have achievements and am confident in myself!
  • Self-actualization – Yeah, no question that I am at the top of this pyramid.

It’s when all of the needs are covered and of course, this will look different for everyone. Every day I get to do what I want, whether it is making art, helping people with their goals, writing, going on a road trip, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, or going to dinner all the while I know that money is coming in to pay the bills.

Your Future money and the abundant life you want to achieve are about creating goals and slowly working through them.

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