Create 90-day goals if you want to be successful. One way to help you create a list of goals and also achieve them is with the help of a bullet-list and a journal. Journaling is a success tool I’ve ben suing for over 5 years now because it helps you put your thoughts on paper to make your goals seem more realistic and attainable.

Why A 90-Day Goal Works

I don’t know about you, but looking a year or 5 ahead can be challenging as well as overwhelming. Being able to focus on something that’s 90’s feels a lot more doable. Of course, I am not saying you shouldn’t have goals that are3 or 5 years out, but breaking down into smaller goals will help you stay focused and determined. Anything that takes longer to achieve feels pointless. You lose motivation and you prefer to move on.

How to Start Journaling

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Get yourself a piece of paper or open a document on your computer, and you start writing. Be willing to share it all, the light and shadow side of things. No one is meant to read it but you! So there’s no need to worry about someone else judging you, or ridiculing you and your goals.

Now that you’re writing your feelings down each day, start making a few bullet lists along the way. This is what helps you achieve your 90-day goals. Start with your main goal. In this case, the example is earning 1 million dollars in 10 years. To make this happen, you must earn $100,000 per year minimum. It seems like a lot. This is where the bullet list comes in handy. Start breaking it down so you can create 90-day goals.

  • $1 million in 10 years
  • $100,000 per year
  • $25,000 per quarter
  • $8,333 per month
  • $1,923 per week (when your account for 52 weeks per year)
  • $384.60 per weekday ($274.71 every single day)
  • $48 per hour

Now you have a bullet list in your journal, and you start your work there. Do you see how your goal of $1 million broken down little by little sounds so much easier and more attainable when you see it in this manner?

create 90-day goals

Keeping with the focus of increasing income is done in segments and requires multiple pats. In the pictures is just one way you can journal about it and help decide on your steps so that you know you need to be doing.

Breaking down a big goal in to smaller steps is much more doable and gives it the space it needs.

Figure it Out

Now you know what you have to earn each day to meet your goal. Use your journal to break down your bullet list into 90-day goals. You’re going to need to earn $25,000 per quarter to make this happen. That’s your goal for the next 90 days.

When your goal is broken down into smaller goals, it’s easier to achieve. Now that you know what you want to do inside of 3 months, you need to figure out what you should do each day to make that happen. Write it down, cross it off the list every day, and do it.

How Journaling Helps with 90-Day Goals

Journaling helps you clear your mind when you write what you’re feeling. If you’re feeling down, you write. If you’re feeling happy, you write. Then you review what you’re writing. You might learn something about how you think on certain days that can help you succeed more. Do you notice you eat well or workout harder on days you’re more successful in reaching your goals? Use that and everything else you’re learning from your journal to help you improve yourself, your actions, and your life to crush your goals further.

Your life is all you get. You have to make it count every single day if you want to get the most out of it. You can sit back and wonder what would have happened if you’d started journaling and creating 90-day goals months ago, or you could just do it. The time always passes, but it’s how you spend that time that really counts. You have a choice to make, and this is an easy one to handle. The more you work on your goals the easier it becomes to achieve them.

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