Set the Intention

Every day, week, and month you can set the intention to claim what you want to experience and make happen with your actions. Intentions can be anything you want them to be in any area of your life, such as work, personal, relationships, finances, leisure, spiritual, health, and personal environment. They can be viewed as goals but are more about the feelings and experiences you want to have. Prompt Set the Intention Reflection, Thoughts, Feelings By August 31, 2022, I will have experienced an amazing concert with friends on a quick road trip to Pennsylvania. We had an amazing time and lots of laughs together. I had an amazing vacation with friends in West Virginia where we went horseback riding, chilling by the water, and…

Albums you Love

Prompt Albums you love Music has always been a huge part of my life. When I was 6 I started music lessons playing the recorder, but not the cheap plastic kind that is often used in the schools here in the US. Nope mine was an expensive wooden one. I had lessons twice a week and practiced every day, playing the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. I had gotten away from music in my teens – well playing anyway. I wasn’t allowed to listen to the music on the radio when I lived with my foster family but once I moved to the group home, I was exposed to all kinds of different music. Deutsche Welle, Pop Music, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Punk. My…

Talk to one person

Prompt If you could talk to one person right now, who would it be? This kind of question tends to stump me a bit because over the years I have learned to be a bit wearier about people’s messages and stories. There are a few authors some people raved about and I just cannot get myself to read that book or listen to it on audio. I have this tendency to go the other way when I notice a trend or people jumping on bandwagons – and then years later something pops up and it’s like my intuition knew something was off. And if I could talk to one person right now, I would talk to one of my former social workers. She was an…

Favorite Type of workout

Prompt What is your favorite type of workout? It happens to some of us, we are active when we were younger, probably in some kind of sport for a long time, but then life happens and you stop being as active. I was a gymnast and dancer from age 6-12 and a runner and dancer after that. Well, until life happened and I stopped going out as much, be that good stay-at-home wife and took care of the kids. But even after that I hiked often and enjoy being outside on the trails. When my son was ill however for that long stretch of time following his liver transplant, it stopped and I have gotten away from being active. I still love dancing very much…

Be proud of yourself

Prompt: Name something you are proud of today. Somewhere over the years, you’ve gotten away from sharing how you are proud of yourself because of the judgment from other people. But let’s be honest life isn’t exactly a cakewalk. I know for myself it’s been a challenge stating the things I am proud of simply because for a long time I operated in the state of “gotta do what ya gotta do, so I did” but now years after a lot of healing, I realized that some things aren’t as easy as I may have made them out to be. In fact, they are quite challenging when you think about them. Let’s start with navigating life in a country where I have no family ties….

Best Part of Your Life

Prompt What has been the best part of your life so far? It’s always a good idea to reflect on what the best part of your life has been so far. 20 years ago I would have said being alive even though I have been in too many situations that could have gone another way and I wouldn’t do all the things I do today. And at this moment in time, for me, it’s definitely being able to do the things I want to do. I love that I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself, which does put on a lot of pressure as I am responsible for making money and don’t get a regular paycheck. I have multiple projects that help me…

On Starting Life Over

Prompt If you could start your life over, would you? My initial thought is – starting life over has already happened a time or two which is then followed by well we’re probably talking from birth and I had to sit with that question for a minute. I’ve had a lot of difficult moments, hardships, and times of surviving in the chaos that I could have done without. I would have liked to have been raised by loving parents, have a circle of friends, and not feel like I’m the weird one and the outsider. I would have liked to have waited to have kids have a stable relationship and marriage, my son not be born with a potentially fatal rare genetic disorder, and have…

Improve your business TODAY?

There seems something you can do to improve your business. It may not always be obvious right away, but that’s what today’s journaling is all about. Prompt What are some ways you can improve your business TODAY? This prompt couldn’t have shown up at a better time. I spend this past weekend reworking my schedule as I noticed myself putting a lot of things off saying I would do them another time. It’s always like “oh it won’t take me long” and then the next thing I know it’s been a week or two and I still haven’t done the thing. Reworking my schedule to create my version of an ideal week, that’s the first part of improving my business – of course, now I…

Handling Negative Thoughts

Todays Prompt: Describe the times when your mind went to negative thoughts today. I don’t know about you but until I became aware of my negative thoughts, I didn’t realize they existed. It’s like walking around this planet without really being aware of how what’s inside of our heads has an impact on our lives. The way we think and think has a direct correlation with how we interact with the world we live in. It’s like when I was in my 20s in order to fit in, I had to complain about all the things that were going wrong in my life. When my son was then diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder in my early 30s, I realized how little complaining actually contributes…

My upcoming summer vacation

Today’s Prompt: Plan your dream summer vacation – where would you go? My upcoming summer vacation is on the horizon but first I want to share one I would love to do and that is taking my family on a tour in Europe and showing them the places where I grew up and the places I’ve been – and discovering some new ones too. There are some countries I didn’t get to go to growing up as travel wasn’t as easy as it is now and I had moved continents by the time I was 19. We would visit Frankfurt of course and Bad Homburg, the place of my birth. We’d visit the baltic sea where my grandparents lived, and the south to visit Munich….