There are quite a few benefits of using a bullet journal. It may be a bit challenging to figure out if this will work for you because there are many different styles of journals, from a daily journal to a gratitude journal, and many other specific topics. With a bullet journal, you can write in it like a regular journal, but the main concept is about organizing and planning your life with it.

One of the key elements in using a bullet journal is that it captures your thoughts in a few words or bullets instead of long paragraphs. I use them to create content planner to map out what I am going to write about daily or weekly on my blog and in my newsletter. Some people use their bullet journals as to-do lists, planners, diaries — or a bit of all of those forms of helpful self-communication.

The benefits of using a bullet journal can be summarized with a few words: clarity, organization, stress relief, household management, and setting goals.


One of my mentors once told me: If it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done! So if you’re feel like you’re falling behind on getting stuff done, creating a list in your bullet journal could be your first step! This will help you get clear on what needs to happen to get you further to your goals.


Everyone has 24 hours in the day, what you do with that time is up to you and you’re in control with that by organizing your actions you can react efficiently as well as be proactive about your to-do’s when you know what’s happening when.

What you hope to accomplish might be something physical, emotional, or financial. It might be as simple as a daily to-do or shopping list or as ambitious and esoteric as a long-term dream. Once you can set your tasks or goals or dreams in front of you and start to construct a realistic approach to getting where you need to be, you’ll waste less time and get more done.

Stress Relief

One of the biggest challenges I noticed is that when people have dreams and goals and want to take action, they are stressed about all the things that happen. The key is to remember to take it one step at a time and create a realistic plan of attack that is doable for you.

You can see on a single page how realistic it is (or isn’t) to proceed according to plan within the period of time you’ve designated. How does your day or your life look now? Don’t you feel better?

Household Management

Whether you’re a parent or not, or in a relationship or not you are the household manager. A bullet journal will help you plan your days, schedule play dates, school activities and away games, consider a job change and even plan and budget vacations or a new home purchase and move.

Setting and Meeting Goals

It’s easy to say that what you are going to do, write a book, generate new streams of revenue for your business or plan your community’s party. But those are just big blocks of dreams. With a bullet journal you can slice that block into manageable actions.

A bullet journal lets you calmly and dispassionately figure out all that’s involved, who will do what and the steps you must chronologically take to follow your timeline. You’ll proceed with confidence, constantly updating the job in your bullet journal to correct your plans for new realities.

The big question is this right for you?

Will a bullet journal improve your life? The best way to find out is to simply start one. It is such an easy and useful productivity tool that you’ll be happy to make bullet journaling a part of your business or personal life.

Why Paper?

I love technology but call me old school, I still prefer pen and paper to write and plan. But there a few things to consider: Writing in on paper allows your brain to process and your mind to work out what’s going to happen next – especially if you’re not sure what your next step is. There are a scientific studies that have indicated that when you write it down you’re more like to remember things better because it stimulates a part of your brain asking for attention.

Writing it in a planner will also provide less distraction because your phone or computer can easily lead you to responding to text messages or viewing funny cat memes on Facebook. Paper eliminates these kinds of distractions.

You can do those things with half your mind engaged. However, don’t feel like you must totally abandon technology. Technology and paper systems can complement each other. So, if you are used to managing your calendar electronically, there’s no need to stop. The Bullet Journal has many more uses you can take advantage of.

Who can see and feel benefits of using a bullet journal?

People whose minds wander and have a LOT of to-do lists:

There are a lot of people who are content with making a to-do list on a daily basis and checking off their responsibilities in a monotonous manner. Keeping track of everything in life can be overwhelming but if you know that planning ahead and that you love to create lists for it all, such as to-do lists, tomorrow to-do lists, this month to-do lists, event lists, goal lists, this could totally be fore you.

If you are one of those people who is not satisfied with one list and need a better organization system in your planning life, a bullet journal would work for you. The Bullet Journal gives you the flexibility to write all the things on your mind in an organized fashion.

inspirational quote in a bullet journal

People who are creative and enjoy journaling, scrapbooking, and other artistic projects:

The great thing about bullet journaling is that it is a technique more than a product. You are given a blank canvas to which you can start organizing your entire life, stay on top of things, keep track of important dates and events, and have fun with it. When adding colorful scraps and additions to your bullet journal, you don’t interrupt any intended process that the bullet journal means.

This type of journal is not restrictive in any way and allows you to add your own creative flair without losing any productivity. Other agendas and calendar journals are super restrictive; they have set planning box sizes and dates and uses a format that you are restricted to sticking to. This can become boring and make the routine of logging and planning tiresome; making many lose interest all together.

People who have tried to get organized, but have failed using normal agendas:

I believe in general people want to be more organized, productive and aware of their daily planning. They have bought tons and tons of notebooks, agendas and journals and time and time again, have stopped using them after a few weeks. If the standard journals, the ones that resemble the ones we have all grown up with since receiving them in middle school, have failed you every single time, it might be time to bullet journal.

I learned that I don’t set goals using the SMART goal process and I feel like using a bullet journal is the same because it works for how my brain operates and this could be true for you – not all strategies work for all people.

The traditional journals are often too basic and might not accommodate the complications and disorganized thoughts in your head. The bullet journal allows you to address every single issue you have had with Journaling and lets your deal with them in your own way, with no restrictions and only minor guidance. If you have the final say in how you organize your life in the bullet journal, you are more likely to keep up the habit of using a Journal.

Everyone else:

There are no specific requirements for a person to use a bullet journal. The main goal is organization in an individualistic manner. Anybody who has interest in this could tap into the benefits of using a bullet journal. Even if you never had a major journaling or planning phase, the experience of trying out a bullet journal is one that is worth the try for any person of any age. It is definitely worth the time and effort you put into it.

While there are definitely some situations where you might be better suited for a bullet journal than someone else, it can undoubtedly benefit everyone. From the busy working mom who is trying to get everything done, to the entrepreneur with dozens of lists and tasks to get done, you can find a way to benefit from it no matter who you are or what your current lifestyle.

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