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Music has always been a huge part of my life. When I was 6 I started music lessons playing the recorder, but not the cheap plastic kind that is often used in the schools here in the US. Nope mine was an expensive wooden one. I had lessons twice a week and practiced every day, playing the likes of Mozart and Beethoven.

I had gotten away from music in my teens – well playing anyway. I wasn’t allowed to listen to the music on the radio when I lived with my foster family but once I moved to the group home, I was exposed to all kinds of different music. Deutsche Welle, Pop Music, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Punk. My taste has always been more in the Heavy Metal and Punk genre of things, so that’s where the albums I love are in.

Just writing about Albums gets tricky when I’ve been buying a song here and there for the last few years.

The first one on the list is Queen. When I would visit my dad he played the greatest hit album quite a bit and even though he may have not been the best dad in the world, it’s one thing that connects me to him.

Next, it’s Linkin Park Hybrid Album. This was released during one of those challenging times in my life and I express myself through the songs that I play. Every song hit the point in the way I was feeling.

I love Iron Maiden and I cannot for the life of me really pick a favorite album – the Number of the Beast is what introduced me to their music when I was 13 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now something less heavy but growing up I listened to Nena as you do in Germany, and an album with 20 years of her music was released, anytime I feel homesick, it’s my go-to album.

What are some albums you love?

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