When you start to look at your story

you uncover what has been getting in the way and holding you back

journaling has a way of helping you

Face your Truth
Embrace yourself
Find your Voice

Hi there! I am Petra and it is so good to e-meet you on my blog!

I love journaling and writing out all of my thoughts, the good, bad, and shadow side of things. Through journaling, I have tapped into my own intuition and connected with my soul so that I could rewrite my story from foster kid reject to foster kid success.

When I started doing the work to turn my dreams and ideas into goals, I faced resistance, doubt, and fears but I had already overcome so much: Foster Care, abuse in its many forms, immigrating to a new country, being homeless, being a single mom of 3 boys – one of which was born with a rare genetic disorder that almost led to the unthinkable.

It’s in the writing when self-discovery occurs and self-awareness sets in of we contributed to your life and declare that we are ready for the undoing and step into becoming the version of our own dreams.

It’s through journaling of what I want to be, do and have that guided me to the goals I want to achieve, got real honest with myself about how I got in my own way, and committed to doing the work. And nothing has been the same since in all the good ways.

Journaling helps you walk on the level of your soul!

– Petra Monaco

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