You’ve always been a little different and not one to run with the crowd.

But you keep your witty, intelligent and true self hidden because you’re just a speck in the universe –  wondering when things will change.

And then through fate you find yourself standing in the shadow of the light and it’s in that moment you not only see the truth in your soil but you vow to claim back your life and no longerabandoned yourself for the sake of others.

Just like the moon you go through phases and you don’t have to choose between the shadow and the light – instead you are invited to wonder in the in-between

  • to face your truth
  • to embrace yourself
  • to find your voice

To create change in your world and the world around you, involve the shadow side that will help you step into the light.


Welcome to the Journal Eclipse!

My start in life was rougher than most, I didn’t have a safe home with parents who loved me. Without a solid foundation, I was forced to create her own. Watching my son fight for his life made me realize that sometimes, things have to be broken in order to rebuild a better house on top of the foundation I spent years painstakingly building.

I’m Petra and love writing – specifically journaling about the good, bad and shadow side of things. Through journaling I have tapped into my own intuition and connected with my soul so that I could rewrite my story from foster kid reject to foster kid success.

When I’m not journaling, you can also find me writing for The Rebels Den and making art to share my journey of Creating a Handmade Life.

I’m mom to three boys and officially a grandmother too – all of which have helped me on the journey of being a better version of myself every day.

Here on the blog, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration for journaling, balancing the shadow and light side of life, and information to help you make journaling a lifelong habit.  

I want you to know that

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