I wanted to share some list journal ideas because if you’re anything like one of my friends, there is a list for everything! And as the name implies, this journal will contain list after list after list.

If you like to keep track of things in a chronological way this can be super fun. I have used a list journal for creating a timeline review of my life and a to-do list journal where I tracked all the things I did and want to do. And I am not necessarily talking chores here, more like goals and the steps that help me get there.

Creating a list journal comes with endless possibilities and if you want some help getting started, I created this collection for you!

  1. A book list
  2. A goal list
  3. A travel list
  4. A movie list
  5. A living list (as opposed to bucket list)
  6. Things that make you happy list
  7. List of favorite songs
  8. List of recipes
  9. A News list (what’s happening in the world)
  10. A list about important events in your life
  11. A podcast list
  12. Your favorite artists
  13. A list of what you want to learn
  14. A list about what you are good at
  15. A random act of kindness list
  16. Your To-do list
  17. Gratitude list
  18. When everything sucks list (what to do)
  19. Habit list
  20. Words of Wisdom list
  1. Affirmation list
  2. Writing Prompt list
  3. Things you can’t live without list
  4. Favorite Websites
  5. Favorite Facebook Groups
  6. Gardening Tip List
  7. A tip list for your hobby
  8. Current Project list
  9. Birthday list
  10. Night out ideas
  11. About Me list
  12. Savings Tracker list
  13. Things people in your family say list
  14. Self-care list
  15. How to have more fun in life
  16. Decisions you have to make
  17. Concert tracking list
  18. A list about questions you have
  19. Inspirational Word list
  20. Cities/States/Countries you’ve been to

This is nowhere near a complete collection of list journal ideas but should be a great place to get started!

November Journal Prompts

What is your favorite fall treat?

Make a memory and show your family your favorite movie, and write about the experience.

Discuss 3 things you can do before the year is over.

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