Do you keep buying journals with the intention of starting a regular writing practice?

Do you find yourself stuck on what to write about?

Do you plan to do things but never find the time to make them happen?

Moon Shift Journal - The Journal Eclipse

Self-Awareness is the key to undoing and becoming

Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco - The Journal Eclipse


You’ve always been a little different and not one to run with the crowd. But you keep your witty intelligent and true self is hidden because you’re just a speck in the universe, so how could you ever impact change?


Through fate. you find yourself standing in the shadow of the light and it’s in that moment you not only see straight into your soul and vow to claim back your life and no longer abandon yourself to hide the ruth.

Heal + Grow

You don’t have to choose between the shadow and the light – instead, you’re invited to wander between the two but embracing the shadow will help you step into the light to create change

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Hi there!

I love journaling and writing out all of my thoughts, the good, bad, and shadow side of things. Through journaling, I have tapped into my own intuition and connected with my soul so that I could rewrite my story from foster kid reject to foster kid success.

Petra Monaco 
Artist, Author, Coach 

A little bit about the Journals:

  • The Shadow You Journal is a guide of self-exploration – assessing where you are right now. You will be challenging yourself to answer the questions and prompts throughout with honesty.
  • The Breaking Light Journal is the follow-up work after the Shadow Journal – where you will journal to find yourself stepping into the light and out of the shadows.
  • The moon shift journal is about you connecting with each phase of the moon to help you choose your goals with intuition, and observe your shift, and record your journey through the year.
  • By journaling your thoughts and feelings you can change your life. This journaling course will help those who want to kick start their own inner healing by helping you to get your stories out and showing you how to reflect positively on them.
  • Craving More Freedom in Your Life or Business? You can create the life you want by writing your dreams into a reality and it only takes a few minutes a day.  
  • You are ready to explore your deepest desires, discover what makes you tick, heal old wounds. and grow into the best version of yourself.